This is the most difficult thing I've ever written. In fact, I came to tears a few times while writing it but there's one reason and one reason only why I'm doing it: I know for a fact there are young people out there going through the same things I did years ago. If this piece strikes a chord with just one of them and it spurs them to go make a change in their life, then it will have been worthwhile.

Here goes:

Dear Rod,

Look at you right now. Just look at you.

When you look in the mirror each morning, I know you don't like the young man who's staring back at you very much, do you? It's okay. I've walked in those shoes and realize they're very uncomfortable. I know you don't like looking in the mirror at all.

You think everyone hates you but you're wrong. The fact is everyone who knows you, loves you. When you're not drinking.

Deep, deep down, reallllly deep down, you know that's true but you don't want to do anything about it.



The following article appears in the fall edition of the Canadian Football League Alumni Association Magazine which will be distributed at the 105th Grey Cup in Ottawa:

His rock bottom came on Monday, January 26, 2015.

The longtime Voice of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Rod Pedersen, had been out for a "beer lunch" with a business friend which they'd done countless times before. Only on this occasion, those five or six beers mixed with the anti-depressants he was already overdosing on, leading to his own personal "trainwreck".

"I don't remember leaving the bar, although I'm pretty sure it was just before my radio show at 4:00 pm that day," Pedersen recalled for this article. "Really, I don't remember much after that at all."

What followed was a humiliating experience when Pedersen went on his popular SportsCage radio program on 620 CKRM Regina only to stumble and slur and eventually be pulled off the air within a few minutes. The…


Nine times out of 10 when someone I meet learns that I no longer drink (991 days as of this writing), they say, "Boy it must be great not having to deal with hangovers!"

Of course it is, but in truth that's about the 10th best thing I've discovered from leading a sober life. So for this week's blog post, here are my Top 10 Best Things of My Sober Life after hitting rock bottom on January 26, 2015:

1 - NO FEAR: The rest of these points really are in no particular order but this is my clearcut #1. Why? Because imagine being paralyzed by fear so much that you're afraid to look at your phone, you shudder in a cold sweat each and every time a text or call comes in because you assume you're in trouble for something you did or said while drinking (and most times you don't even remember doing it). Imagine having to tiptoe around your boss's office to avoid his angry glare for your drunken antics, or constantly worry about "who's talking to who&qu…



- I'm still in Ottawa, in the middle of an 11-day trip to Eastern Canada while the Roughriders play back-to-back games out here.

It was tremendous to have my wife - my rock - here for the last four days but she went home on Sunday afternoon after a whirlwind tour of the nation's capital.

- Reaction was swift and wide-ranging after I started this Recovery blog late last week. However I'm happy to report that it's been 100% positive.

- Perhaps the most rewarding comment came from my friend Ken L. of Regina - who's been sober 10 years - who said it's nice to read the viewpoint from someone in the same situation as him. (Like non-drinkers getting poorer restaurant service because they don't ring up high bar tabs).

- It's true. Alcoholics and addicts are in the minority of society (1 in 11) while those in Recovery are only a tiny fraction of that (2% of the 1 in 11). At least those are the numbers I've seen and ha…


SEPT. 29/2017 - Today's blog post comes to you from Canada's Capital where tonight the Saskatchewan Roughriders visit the Ottawa RedBlacks.

I'm tremendously excited for several reasons!:

1) This is one of Canada's most beautiful - and certainly historic - cities. A walk around here is always full of interesting things everywhere you look.

2) The Roughriders are favoured to win.

3) My wife is with me for four days out here.

4) One of my Recovery clients got his job back and is on top of the world! That might have me feeling better than anything else.

I reached out to the employer of another potential candidate this week but the response was, "It's okay! He's cured!" (Or something to that effect).

My mind flashed back to three months into Recovery myself when my own boss said, "You don't need to go to those meetings anymore. It looks like you've got this situation handled".

I snickered then like I did this week. By 90 days into Recover…


Welcome! We are just getting rolling on this new website at Pedersen Recovery Inc. but I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for visiting and hopefully you find something you like!

We are in the early stages of putting together the Pedersen Recovery Tour which will have me traveling across the province speaking to groups, teams, organizations, schools, companies and the like about Recovery, Substance Abuse Prevention and Mental Illness.

Currently we are gathering sponsorship for the tour so that these presentations will be provided in your community at NO COST for the town!

I'll also be writing blog posts, telling stories and getting things off my chest here on this page as they pertain to the world of Recovery.

Thanks again for stopping by!

Rod Pedersen
Pedersen Recovery Inc.